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Life Groups

Next Life Group Launch is January 26!

Check back here to learn when our next Life Groups are launching.

Life Groups are Trietsch's groups of 6-12 people who get together each week in convenient locations to answer one simple question, "How is your life with God?"   You will be shocked how much this one question can help you grow in your faith each week.

Check back here to stay informed.  If you have more questions about Life Groups, contact Denise Robinson at deniser@tmumc.org.

Life Group FAQs

Commonly asked questions and answers:

  1. What is a Life Group?

Life Groups are made up of 6-12 people who meet once a week to answer one simple question, "How is your life with God?" This is a transformational group focused on personal, relational and spiritual growth.

  1. Why join a life group?

By focusing on this one question each week, Life Group members learn to be aware of God's presence on a daily basis. It's an opportunity to openly and honestly engage with people of different ages and backgrounds about your faith without the pressure of curriculum or homework.

  1. What's the difference between a Life Group and a Sunday School class, Bible Study, Small Group or Reunion Group?

Life Groups do not follow a curriculum and they are not "forever groups." Life Groups meet for a maximum of 18 months. After 18 months, members are encouraged to join a new Life Group. Groups are not formed based on age, gender, experiences or interests. Simply find a date and time that works for you, and that is your Life Group. Our hope is that this format brings together new people to build new relationships.

  1. What is the commitment required?

We ask that you commit a minimum of 8 weeks. If after 8 weeks you feel like the Life Group isn't right for you, that's okay. Feel free to try again at the next launch. If you know you will miss more than 3 of your Life Group meetings within the first 8 weeks, now might not be a good time for you to join a Life Group. Wait for our next Launch Party. No Life Group will meet for longer than 18 months.

  1. Why do we only meet for 18 months?

The purpose of Life Groups is to build relationships with others and experience transformational growth in your faith. We want to create an environment where you are continuously meeting new people that challenge you in different ways. Of course we encourage you to stay in relationship with your Life Group after you are done meeting, but we also want you to multiply your relationships.

  1. Is there homework?

Nope. The only question you answer in Life Group is "How is your life with God?" There are no scripture readings, book studies or devotions of any kind.

  1. Where and when do Life Groups meet? How often?

Life Groups meet once a week in a variety of settings. Some meet in the church to take advantage of childcare, some meet in leader homes and some may meet in coffee shops or restaurants. We also have groups popping up in Dallas, Denton and other areas. Simply pick the time, day and location that works best for your schedule and needs.

  1. How do I sign up for a Life Group?

Come to a Launch Party! We will help you find a Life Group that works for your schedule. Launch Parties is simply a gathering of leaders holding up signs of the day and time they will be meeting each week. You can browse the times that work for you and sign up for a group. Please see the top of this page to determine when the next Launch Party is happening.

  1. Do I have to be a Trietsch member to join a Life Group?

No. Life Groups are for all people and all backgrounds. Feel free to invite your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors to the Launch Party.

  1. Will childcare be provided?

If your Life Group is meeting on church property, childcare will be provided. Please consider this need as you choose your Life Group. Childcare will not be provided to groups who meet off campus.

  1. Who leads the Life Groups?

Each Life Group will have one facilitator responsible for meeting time and location, attendance and communication. You can meet your leader at the Launch Party.

  1. Who will be in my Life Group?

The people who will be in your Life Group are the people who select the same meeting day, time and location as you. Our hope is that you will build relationships with people who you may not have met in other circumstances.

  1. Can I invite friends into my Life Group?

You can invite friends into your Life Group for the first 3 weeks of meeting together. After the first 3 weeks, the Life Group will close so that all members of the group can feel comfortable sharing without new people coming in and out throughout the year.

  1. What if I can no longer participate in my Life Group?

If you decide that Life Groups aren't for you, the time or day is no longer working or other issues with your group arise, that’s okay. Simply let your Life Group leader or Director of Discipleship Denise Robinson (deniser@tmumc.org) know that it's not working out for you. We'd be happy to help you find a different Life Group or maybe a different small group format that works for you.