Worship Sundays @ 8 AM - 9:30 AM - 11 AM


On Sundays at 8 pm, Pastor O will go live on Facebook, Instagram, and right here once a week to spend time with God and you!

Life is messy and imperfect, and faith is no different. Spill is a chance to live this messy life together. Each week we’ll come together for 15 minutes to spill our doubts, questions, assumptions, confusion, and, ultimately, truth. Come experience faith and spirituality in a safe space where you can be authentically you. We’ll explore local artists, non-profits doing good in the community, and interview people just like you to get fresh perspectives on spirituality and faith.


Spill Giving

Every few weeks we will feature a different non-profit to support based on the theme we're covering. Now through November 24, all donations made to "Spill Giving" will be sent directly to Dallas Tornado Relief. CLICK HERE to learn more.

To make a donation, click the "Give Now" button below and select "Spill Giving" from the dropdown menu.

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Spill Podcasts

When we interview guests during Spill you only get to hear from them for 15 minutes, and we know that's not enough! Listen to a full interview with each guest below or in Apple Podcasts or Google Play. Search for TMUMC Podcasts to find them.

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